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How Often Should You Restain Cedar Siding?

Cedar siding can last for decades, enduring well against the moisture, rot and the elements. It has natural preservatives that make it resistant to damage resulting from these outside factors. Even so, this building material requires regular maintenance to preserve its attractive look and top-notch performance.

This home maintenance task can be done every three to five years, but this would depend on the yearly weather conditions in the local area and the damage the material has. Nevertheless, it won’t be hard to determine when it is time to do the job. Cedar siding’s performance when it comes to weathering the elements often dictates how often you restain it.

You should clean the exterior siding first before applying the new stain. Using a damp cloth, wash the entire surface with a mixture of one part bleach and four parts water. Rinse the solution off the siding using another damp cloth, and pat it dry with a dry cloth.

Sanding the cedar siding surface removes the existing finish. Once the natural grain is fully revealed, you can begin applying the stain to the material. Your choice of stain, however, should match the siding’s needs. A durable stain that won’t fade is helpful if your home is exposed to too much sunlight, heat and ultraviolet (UV) light. Moisture-resistant stains can help solve problems of homeowners living in areas where dampness is a concern.

After this, you can apply a coat of clear polyurethane finish to give the siding a good seal. Be sure to follow the wood grain as you did when you applied the stain. Allow it to dry based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

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